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We take pride in designing, developing and producing progressive and innovative solutions.


We manufacture key components for the leading port and material handling equipment manufacturers. Our key focus is the reduction of maintenance and reducing the environmental impact of lubricants used.

Renewable Energy

We support the renewable energy industry with a various range of products used throughout different applications. Our key goal is to increase service intervals, reduce the environmental impact of lubricants used in our waterways while designing and manufacturing solutions for today & for the years to come.


We manufacture various components for the mining industry. We have vast amounts of experience using our products in some of the harshest environments on earth.


We design and manufacture for all sectors of the forestry industry. This ranges from leading log harvester manufacturers to world-leading super mills, operating in various environments from -40°C to +40°C.


With a key focus on maintenance reduction, we design and manufacture key componentry for industry leading manufacturers, over a various range of materials. Our products are working in several different environments, from side load container trailers through to heavy haul mining trailers and logging & dairy tankers.


Agricultural equipment must be able to deal with a rather unique set of circumstances. Farms are dusty places, and equipment is used with long intervals, sometimes only a few weeks a year. It's either ‘no season’ or ‘high season’, so in the high season break downs & maintenance stops are not an option. This puts very specific challenges on the bearings, guides and slides. Being maintenance free is of utmost importance, so many manufacturers rely on D-Glide bearings for a broad range of agricultural products.


We specialise in all equipment with moving parts on vessels and quaysides. Think stern rollers, winches, fairleads, davits, gangways, crane booms, active mooring systems and mechanical constructions with moving parts. Although these products are different in function and design, they all face the same challenges. Salt water is never far away, maintenance is difficult or impossible, while reliability needs to be guaranteed. This requires well built, carefully designed components.


If time is an issue, we understand short time frames. We design and develop solutions to face today and the future. Our aim is to increase service intervals and develop solutions to minimise down time. We supply componentry for world leading saw mill manufacturers & super mills through to many other consumers of the industry. These include finger jointing plants, dry mills, green mills, treatment plants, kilns and material handling operations.

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