Our Projects

Together we help our clients solve their most complex projects.

We take pride in designing, developing, producing and delivering progressive & innovative solutions, turning exciting ideas into tangible realities.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

• D-Glide main rotation bearings
• 124 metres long
• 27 metres wide

Southstar Equipment

• Hydraulic tree harvester
• D-GLIDE used throughout
• 15,000 hour lifespan
• Operating temperature -40°C to +40°C

Swinglift Container Trailers

• D-Glide FC used in all main pivot points
• Replaces hardened steel bushes

TRT Heavy Haul Trailers

• D-Glide steering and suspension bushes
• 250-600 tonne capacity trailers
• Current lifespan over 1 million kilometres
• Replaces aluminium bronze


• World’s largest observation wheel with a 200m diameter
• D-Glide used in main rotation bearings (6.5m diameter)
• Replaces spherical roller bearings

Pioneering Spirit

• World’s largest ship at 420,000 tonnes
• D-Glide main lifting beam assembly bushes
• Lifting capacity 48,000 tonnes